Tech Specs


·         8,000 sq. ft listening area

·         12.5' from floor to ceiling

·         Parking lot beside venue, additional parking to the side, parking allowed all along Cannon Street

·         Ticket/merch area at entrance lobby

·         Bar serves beer, wine, soft drinks, and coffee (sometimes food is served or food trucks park outside)

·         Performer's entrance behind stage (can park right by the door)

·         Bathroom available backstage



·         Back section is 23x 8', front section is 30'x10'  (484 sq. ft) 3 ft. rise

·         9.5' from stage to ceiling

·         4x 20 amp at back of stage behind curtains for FOH , 2x 20 amp upstage, 1x 20 amp center stage, 2x 20 amp downstage

·         Ramp access stage left and stairs stage right

Front of House:

·         2 Way Stereo Setup (internal crossovers in the 835's are quite good)

·         2x JBL SRX835 mains (3 way speakers with 15” woofers and 3” voice coils ) amped with two  Crown XTI6002's (2400 watts per side)

·         2 x JBL SRX828sp powered dual 18” 2000W subwoofers

·         System processing done with built in DSP on subs and XTI. We usually run a stereo send to the tops and a separate mono send to the subs.

·         Behringer X32 32 channel Digital Mixer with matching S32 digital snake

·         Dedicated 20 amp power at sound booth


·         4xYamaha SM12V monitors (12” driver with 2” horn)

·         Drum Fill: JBL Eon15 G2 over a Carvin SCX1118a sub


* More mics can often be negotiated, but this is all that is always at the Spinning Jenny

·         3x Shure Sm58 vocal mics

·         3x Shure Sm57 instrument mics

·         1x Shure Beta58 vocal mic

·         1x Shure Beta 52a kick mic

·         1x Shure Sm48 vocal mic

·         CAD drum mic set with kick, snare, 2 tom, and 2 overhead mics

·         2x Behringer C-2 Small Diaphragm condensers

·         1x Sennheiser E906 instrument mic




·         8x dimmable white par cans

·         4x Chauvet Slimpar 56's

·         2x Chauvet FX par 9


·         6x Chauvet Slimpar56

·         4x Chauvet Slimpar38

* 1x20 amp power for uplight bar and 1x 20 amp power for backlight bar


·         Dell laptop running QLC+ dmx software

·         Enttec Open DMX usb interface

·         Chauvet Djh1200 hazer w/ time or wireless remote (must go easy on fog because of type of smoke detectors).

* lighting plot available for guest light technicians



·         4 passive DI boxes ( 2 rapco, 1 whirlwind, 1 Behringer)

·         1 Active Behringer DI

·         1 Rapco stereo 1/8” to dual xlr box

·         Enough XLR for 32 channels spread around the stage

·         8 boom mic stands

·         1 medium boom stand

·         3 short boom stands

·         3 instrument cables

·         RCA and TRS breakout cables

·         Drop cords, power splitters, and power strips

FOH: Logan Galloway, 864.906.6909

Hospitality: Sarah Betancourt, 864.382.8904

General Info/Booking: Sharon Murry, 864.901.8371 or 864.469.6416


The Spinning Jenny

Box Office Hours: Thursday 10am-2pm

Call for special appointment

Telephone: 864-469-6416

Address: 107 Cannon St. Greer, SC 29651


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