5 Reasons to Visit Vintage/Handmade Markets

May 22, 2019

The Grand Marvy Market is coming to The Spinning Jenny Saturday, June 1st. The market is open from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.  


What is the Grand Marvy Market? It’s a market featuring handmade merchandise like soap, jewelry, candles, pottery, antiques, home decor, and original artwork. Check out their Facebook page to see some of the vendors that will be exhibiting. 


So, why go to a vintage/handmande market like The Grand Marvy Market instead of going to the mall or shopping online in your pj’s? I’m glad you asked.


Here are five great reasons to visit vintage/handmade markets.


You’ll Find Unique Products: If you want to find something you simply can’t get anywhere else, vintage/handmande markets are the best place to look. The individual creativity of local craftspeople really shines in the products they offer. Their products aren’t driven by focus groups and market research. Local crafts people create their wares from depths of their own passion.


Do you want jewelry or metal wares like cups and goblets inspired by fantasy and classic books? You won’t likely find that such things at the local mall, but you might just find those things at a place like The Grand Marvy Market (hint, hint). 


You Can See What You’re Buying: Sure, there are lots of online markets that offer unique, handcrafted products. Have you ever had the experience of looking at pictures of something online wishing you could just see it in person? Vintage/handmande markets let you see and touch the products you’re looking at before you buy. 


You'll be Instantly Gratified: Online shopping has changed the way we all shop. There is convenience in being able to click “place order” and then waiting a few days for the item to arrive at your door while you get on with your life. But vintage/handmande markets let you *gasp!* actually pay cash for that treasured item and take it home with you—the same day! 


You’ll Support Local Artisans and Small Business: Some of the vendors offer their wares as a hobby. Some of them are starting their own small business. Either way, your patronage of vintage/handmande markets supports these small entrepreneurs, helping them to continue to produce new products and develop their creativity. 


You’ll Feel Good: Vintage/handmande markets are a social experience. There are an increasing number of studies that demonstrate that the reality of the “connected world” of the internet actually isolates people from one another. People who spend lots of time “socializing” online tend to feel worse, not better. Going to a vintage/handmande market allows you to meet the vendors and other shoppers face-to-face. You can make a real, personal connections and actually socialize with other human beings. 


Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 1. Come down to The Grand Marvy Market at The Spinning Jenny. Meet people, socialize, and score some great, unique finds. 


If you're a vendor looking to up your game when it comes to setting up your booth, check out these helpful tips that work for both indoor and outdoor markets.  






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