The Quinceañera: A Latina's Coming of Age

December 4, 2018

The Spinning Jenny is available for weddings, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, graduation parties, and quinceañeras. 


Some of our readers might not be familiar with the quinceañera. Let’s take a brief look at this important Latino tradition. 


With its roots dating to the ancient Aztecs, the quinceañera marks a Latina's 15th birthday. It celebrates her coming of age—she is no longer a child, she is a young woman. Over the passing centuries, the celebtration of the quinceañera spread to other Latin American countries, taking on aspects unique to each respective culture. While the passage of time has brought many changes to the way the quinceanera is celebrated, it's essential purpose remains—to celebrate a Latina's transition to womanhood. 


Though the modern quinceañera differs from the way it was celebrated in the past, American Latinos have maintained many of its traditional roots, emphasizing faith, family, and community.  


The quinceañera celebration is typically a formal affair. The planning and decorations that go into some quinceañeras can rival weddings. There is often a court made up of the quinceañera’s close friends or family members. The young women in the court will wear gowns, and the young men will wear tuxedos. The quinceañera herself will wear a special ball gown chosen specifically for the celebration. 


The quinceañera often begins with a mass. Following the mass is a reception for friends and family complete with food, music, and dancing. Though the details of the reception are typically dictated by both tradition and the desires of the quiceañera herself, there are a few important aspects that are common to almost all quinceañeras.    


Changing of the Shoes Ceremony

An especially important part of the quinceañera is the changing of the shoes ceremony. It is traditional for the quinceañera to wear flats. Her father will remove his daughter’s flats and put heels on her feet. This special ceremony symbolizes that the quinceañera is now a young woman. 


Father/Daughter Dance

After the changing of the shoes ceremony there is the father/daughter dance. Before the age of 15, a Latina is traditionally not allowed to dance in public or with boys. This dance is a very special moment as the father has the distinct honor of the first public dance with his adult daughter.


The Last Doll

During the course of the celebration, the quinceañera's father will present her with her last doll. This doll is usually dressed in a gown that matches quinceañera's ball gown. It is another symbol of her transition to womanhood as she puts aside childish things. It is customary for the quinceañera to give this doll to a younger sister or another young girl attending the celebration.  


If you’re looking for a venue to host a quinceañera, consider booking The Spinning Jenny. The room is elegant, and the rates are very reasonable. Contact The Spinning Jenny today for a quote. 








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