Choosing a Theme for Your Private Event

November 26, 2018


Choosing a theme for your private event can make the whole planning process easier. Everything from food to decorations to what your guests should wear are tied to the theme. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll find that a lot of your planning decisions begin to make themselves.


We’ve compiled a list of five things to consider when choosing the theme for your private event. 


Why are You Having the Event?

Of course, if you’re planning an event, you already know why you’re planning it. But people can easily forget to consider the purpose of the event when settling on a theme. Certain themes would be better suited to a wedding than they would a birthday party or a New Year’s celebration. So first and foremost, remember why you’re having your event in the first place, and make sure your theme compliments it.


Who are Your Guests?

Have your guest list in mind when choosing your theme. Make sure that theme you choose will be something that your guests will enjoy and want to attend. If your guests have to spend a significant amount of money buying the right attire to match your theme, you may find that fewer people will be in attendance than you were hoping for.   


Where are You Holding the Event? 

The venue you’ve booked can help shape your ideas. The room’s existing décor and character will determine how much decorating you’ll have to do to get the vibe you want for your theme. It might take more effort and expense to decorate a ball room for a tropical island themed birthday celebration than it would for a formal New Year’s Eve bash. Taking into account the venue you’ve booked can help you through the decision making process.


How Much do You Have to Spend?

Yes, budgets are pretty much a part of planning anything. The theme you choose can influence many of the factors of your event like food, decorations, and music. Using some of the already mentioned factors will help you determine how much you may need to spend each of these items in order to pull off the theme you’d like. 


What Time of Year is Your Event?

The time of year that you’re holding your event can influence your decision. Sometimes matching your theme to the time of year is a good idea, but sometimes going for something unexpected can make for a great event. A beach party themed celebration in the dead of winter might be a fun way to chase away the chills.  


Are you scouting locations for your private event? Don’t forget to check out The Spinning Jenny. With affordable rates and a large room with plenty of amenities. Contact The Spinning Jenny today for a quote.


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