5 Reasons to Take Dance Classes

November 12, 2018


Let's face it; a lot of people find traditional forms of excercise utterly boring. There is often no way for someone to unleash their creativity while exercising, and mental energy is usually concentrated on "pushing yourself." For many people, excercise simply isn't any fun.   


Take heart. If you’re looking to get in better shape, and you want to have fun doing it, there is a way to do both at the same time: dance classes 


Here are five reasons to go take dance classes.


It’s Fun and Creative

If you’re new to dancing, you’ll be learning a new art form. From swing dancing to ballroom dancing to salsa dancing, dance classes will expose you to a variety of different dance styles. Learning to move your entire body to the rhythm and melody of the music is a great way to express yourself. The better you get at dancing, the more creative and expressive you’ll be with your dance moves, and you’ll have a blast doing it.


It’s Good for Your Heart

Dancing is an aerobic activity. Getting your heart rate up for a sustained period of time will improve your endurance, help you lose weight (if that’s one of your goals), and reduce your risk for preventable illness like heart disease and diabetes. As your cardiovascular fitness improves, you’ll have more energy throughout the day, and you’ll sleep better.


It’s Good for Your Muscles

Dancing strengthens the whole body. Strengthening your muscles doesn’t just make you feel stronger, it’s a big help to losing weight and toning up. Muscle mass is greedy for energy, and one of the sources of energy that muscles use is body fat. Dancing will help you build muscle mass all around your body, helping you shed unwanted pounds.


It Increases Flexibility

One key to staying strong and healthy is maintaining flexibility. The moves you’ll learn dancing will increase your overall flexibility. This will improve your mobility and help reduce your chances of injury, not just during dancing, but during everyday life. If you don’t want to become someone who has trouble bending down to pick something up off the floor later in your life, you’ll need to find a way to maintain and increase your flexibility. Dancing is a great way to do that.


It’s Genuinely Social

Many dance forms require a partner. Dancing is a great way to do something fun with a freind or that special someone. You can also come to classes as a single.  Don’t worry, lots of people go to dancing classes alone and connect with a partner in class. You’ll make new friends as all of you learn to dance together. It’s not like meeting people on Facebook or Twitter. Dancing is a great way to genuinely socialize with other people. 


If you’d like to try dance classes, keep an eye on the Spinning Jenny’s Upcoming Events page. Classes are currently scheduled for November 17th and December 1st.       



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